Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, FINBESL’s mission is to develop and promote local sports, and to unify a growing community.

It organizes and supervises international competitions, namely the Universal Local Multisport Games, the World Cups by thematic axis and the world championships by sport discipline.

It establishes official local sports regulations, as well as the regulations that govern relationships between different members of the international local sports community around the world.

FINBESL is the only local sports authority in the international sports movement.

FINBESL’s activities are not exhaustive:

Establish, update and modify the “Official Local Sports Regulations”
Establish standards for local sports equipment and infrastructure
Establish all regulations for international and universal competitions, including the competition system
Appoint referees and local sports officials
Regulate the transfer of players from one country to another
Advise and supervise the organization of all international local sports competitions.